Coastal Holiday Decor

(Via Coastal Living)

My tree is STILL not up. And lately 24 hours a day seems short and definitely not enough which pathetically explains my lack of posts. I've been occupied with wrapping up my first semester of Interior Design, which was quite something. But, your lovely blogs sure provided some well needed soothing moments filled with inspiring things. Back to the point, am going with a coastal decor for Christmas this year. A palette of blue/aqua and silver with some homemade decor involving seashells. Should be cool, what do you think? Also, loving the idea of an outdoor tree. But I'll have to pass, with the cyclonic season up... not a good idea. So, some fun time ahead with holiday decor, I'll show you pics later:)


  1. I'm waiting for the pics :)

    My Christmas tree is up with gold decorations, i love them, and to create Cristimas atmosfere in my home, I got a little collection of Santa Clause (different type, materials, colors).

    Have a nice weekend ;)

  2. Yep...cyclones and beautiful blue outdoor trees don't really mix....unless the cyclone spews it all the way over my humble casa...then, I say, go for it!

  3. @ Stella: ur Santa collection sounds great, hope you'll show us some pics

    @ Linda: lol. How's ur decor going?