La Case

La case is a new publication by the group "La sentinelle", which is a major newspaper and magazine publisher in Mauritius. And am excited to say that at last and better late than never Mauritius has its first magazine dedicated entirely to interior design and decor. Of course, I subscribed and so far, so good. Little snippets... of a tropical flower composition, and other table decor, which I am inclined to try for the festive season ahead.

p.s: sorry for the scan quality of the images


  1. I love all the bright colours :-)

    It would be interesting to look through La Case to see how decor in Mauritius compares to here in Canada. For a really long time, our magazines were in beige mode -- all the rooms they featured were beige. Beautiful, yes, but also kind of boring. They seem to be getting more colourful now.

    If you'd be interested in doing a magazine swap, let me know :-)

    I hope my post about textures helps you out with your rendering project :-)


  2. @ Stella: yep^-^

    @DesignTies: What a lovely idea, a magazine swap!I'll mail you soon. Oh and yeah the post was very handy, thanks:)