Decor ideas

A collection of things I found lovely and put into a file and kinda forgotten there. How could I? So am posting these eye candy here. Some much needed beautiful things to inspire especially in the middle of my very very hectic week! I'll be back soon to some more regular posting...

Images are from: DrakedDesignAssociates, Elle Decor, Jonathan Adler, JeffAndrewsDesign& DominoMag


  1. hee...I've done that before...found a folder I was keeping inspiration images in!

    Lovely all of the art!

  2. @ Linda: Really, how do we manage this? ha

  3. there is much art in these pictures not only for the writing into the picture number five but for painting, wallpaper, and beautiful colors ^__^

  4. @ Pam Kersting and Rachel Follet: Ur welcome! It was pot-luck, fishing these out from the desktop lol.

    @ Stella: Glad you liked it;)