Literie et autre histoires...

Ok, I've been stalking on House of Turquoise, but can you blame me? Some eye candy to get us going.
Plus, it's all about flower power today

(Source: Skona hem)

There's something to be said about the appeal of flowery motifs(the British had it right after all?) I love how it has been used in the above without the overkill factor. Too much of something good IS bad.

More lovely things...
You know how you've been waiting for Anna's Black&Spiro shop to go online. Well, it's arrived!
Black and Spiro-interior design is up and running with lots of inspiration. The homepage is of course absolutely beautiful. Bravo Anna!

These have been stashed away in a file for some time now, and I had to include. If I remember clearly, Rachel from Dwellings and Decor featured it first

and this is from Mrs French's Bliss...
(Sources: Architectural Digest & Vogue Living)

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  1. Very lovely indeed! I'm seeing more whites and blues these days. Wonder if it is a trend? Thanks for visiting my blog! Pam