Inspiration: Beach Cottage Style

Coastal living never lets you down whenever you're looking for some nautical, tropical style. Loving the yellow-lime stripes and purple that glams up the beach cottage. Oh, am throwing in a picture I took the last time I went to Flic-en-Flac...This could be termed 'mildly sunny weather' and is usually what we get during winterish conditions here.
Enjoy your weekend!Cya


  1. That's what your winter looks like?? I'm moving to Mauritius!!!!

    The very first picture in your post almost made my eyes pop out of my head... WOW!! Love the purpley-pink door against the turquoise water & blue sky. The colours are stunning!!

    All the pictures you posted are lovely and make me want to live in a house on the beach :-)

    Thanks for the good luck comment on my back to school post. And good luck to you too!! We'll have to compare school bags :-)


  2. Oh the so beautiful sandy beach of Flic-en-Flac! The sunsets are equally beautiful there.

  3. @Design Ties:We'll have to;)

    @Ashwin: Thx for visiting! Yeah, we have the best sunsets there