Mykonos, Greece

Architecture by Javier Barba. Photography by Panagiotis Fotiadis Published October 2008 in AD.

I don't really know why Greek style casas are attracting me so this week, but I found this while going through Architectural Digest's archives and I couldn't resist. Especially when I saw the amazing curvy stairway. To think this is a beachfront villa, it is certainly very different from what what we see here. But if you ask me, it would fit perfectly well alongside the Creole style casas.


  1. Wow, beautiful!! And check out the swimming pool on the roof in the last picture!!

    How do the sky and the water in Greece get so blue?!

    Squirt's got quite a reputation up at the cottage -- she's the only dog that swims all the way around the lake :-) And she loves it!!

    Thanks for entering our giveaway for Matt's painting. Good luck!!


  2. @Design Ties: I went through the pics again, you're right, what a view from the pool!! thx:)

  3. i love the picture number 3! and the sky is so blue!