Hooked on Villa Oasis

Villa Oasis. Situated at Grand-Baie, Mauritius, this casa is meant for indoor-outdoor living.

For lazy afternoons, for farniente!

And for hard partying by night, look at the fabulous deck and the 'lounge' appeal. Okay, may be not dancing, but for entertaining in style. I see no BBQ area, but let's pretend there is.

Plus, we're all set for the cocktails, the coconut tree is literally at hand. How cool is that.

The bedrooms all open up to the terrace...
Master Bedroom


Lurve the kitchen too, wouldn't mind cooking delish things in here

Do I need to mention that being located in Home in Paradise, the beach is not far away:) I'll see you there then?...


  1. The day will come where I find myself in a tropical paradise (for a vacation). I've been on Paradise Island on the Bahamas once, but that is just a distant memory!

  2. Wowsers!!! Gorgeous!!! I'm officially having villa envy ;-)


  3. @ Maya: thx for visiting:) you're most welcome to fly over to Mauritius hehe

    @Kelly: me too^^