Domino Part II

Striking. Balance, harmony, taste, everything is there.

Collector Style: Clusters of art

Cozy spaces with cushions&shags

An office space well integrated into the living area

Subdued atmosphere. Elegance. The dining table is to die-for.

Amazing wall decals. The bike, the chandelier. A Lively decor!

Pops of color

Art wall

Bold colors for style statement

Monochrome v/s Print

Attention to small details

How loveable is this flooring?


Color Palette theme


Coffee Table takes center stage

One of my favorite open areas

See the happy contented dog there? exactly!

Refurbishing at its best

Consistent themes: Grey & Sable
Domino series {continued}


  1. Great series. Mallinkowa

  2. Amazing once again! I just love the deep aqua/teal color...I did a similar color in the girls' was called 'Realm' and I accented it with Appletini...I really bright green! It's super fun!

    And of the apple print!

  3. @ Mallinkowa: hey there, how u doing? great to see u back;)