It's Monday, time for vacation

(Oasis' )

(From the GrandMauritian)

(From Fourseasons Mauritius)

(From LaPlantation)

or at least, time to get yourself in the right mood, by touring some exotic places in Paradise Island. I found these unused pictures from my file and of course, this would NOT do at all, I must post. Who knows, I might be pushing luck my way and get to some 'vacationing' myself, at one of these sumptuous resorts where life is all about lounging, lazily, with some fresh coconut pool-side facing a turquoise lagoon, listening to the breeze causing some gentle waves to crash on the shore line, bringing tids and bits of corals, shells and weeds in its midst-See it's almost as if we're strolling on the said beach:) and far from urban life& all its accompanying entropy.

Put a Smile on your face, Dress up and Go out

(note to myself)

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  1. Thanks Sharon for these beautiful pictures wich made me dream a sunny place in these raining day(here the weather is bad)

    ^____^ have a nice week!