"The Truro" Beach House

"The Truro" is an environmentally sensible beach home design by ZeroEnergy Design.
It is based on some unusual space requirements(because the house will be home to a troop of children and grandchildren during vacations and home to a couple of retired professionals during weekends) on a narrow lot in an environmentally sensitive site on Cape Cod. The home is split into a "Living Bar" and a "Sleeping Bar", this programmatic zoning helping to decrease energy use over the year by shutting down the sleeping bar when unused.

.:A spectacular view of the water and sunset:.

Read on to know more about the extensive designing, consultancy and investment behind the Truro residence:
"The west-facing orientation of the glazing used to capture this view isn't ideal for energy performance, however, Silvia and Silvia of Osterville are building with double stud framing which allows a continuous layer of foam insulation. A geothermal system coupled with a radiant heating system supplies all the heating and cooling. Aside from energy efficient appliances and water heaters, ZED worked with lighting consultant 'Light Th!s' to ensure that the spaces are well illuminated with energy effcient fixtures.
The owners also went for a minimal reliance on fossil fuels, using only propane for cooking. The roofs sport large solar electric arrays installed by 'NexAmp' to offset energy usage throught the use of net metering. A battery back-up and energy management system from 'GridPoint' stores electricity from the solar array to ensure the basic funtions of the home through blackouts without the use of a gas-powered generator"
Choices were also made to promote healthy indoor air quality. Flooring was limited to slate, bamboo and polished concrete, while omitting any carpeting that might capture dust, mites, mold or moisture. The rapidly renewable bamboo flooring is bound with nontoxic glues. The insulation in interior walls ans floor, used for sound insulation and to improve the performance of the radiant heating system, is formaldehyde-free. An aie exchange and energy recovery system provides clean fresh air throughout the year.
Finally, the exterior finishes allow the home to turn a traditional Cape Cod grey and blend into the dunes. The site is vegetated with indigenous plants that prevente erosion and won't require irrigation. They have been carefully selected by landscape consultant, Heimarck&Foglia"-ZeroEnergy Design

What do you think of eco-design?Do you think sustainable living and ecology/environment are an impossible equation?Would you invest into "green" products and technologies?

"The best pollution is the pollution you haven't created"-Prof.Joel De Rosnay


  1. I love the idea of eco products, and think we are S L O W L Y headed that way. Some things being touted as eco-friendly these days certainly are not...but so many jump onboard just because the word is bandid about.

    Great Beach house!!

  2. @Linda: I quite agree, they'd use "green" only to push forward sales... and get on with it! since so many do not coin the notions of sustainable consumption and production practices...

  3. I hope there will be more attention to the environment

  4. yeah, I hope so too! stay tuned for an upcoming post on "Banyan tree";)