{Home Inspiration}

By theme: Whimsical meets classic
...Bringing color to your abode...

Look: Paper lanterns
(From Inspirational files of Tammy Manet, Flickr finds)

.:Collector items By Louise Fili:.
(Image source: Flickr)

By theme: Use& Abuse wallpapers
Lovely Shades of Blue

Home office: A clever mix of vintage pieces

.:Re-purposing wooden crates:.

By theme: Au feminin, for the romantic at heart
The Modern 'Marie-Antoinette'

.:A Harmonious decor which looks effortlessly chic:.

And when Less is More...

By Color theme: Delightful pops of red

(Burton Walsh Interiors, flickr finds)


  1. Oh, what a wonderful post! SO many great ideas! Love the wooden crate on the wall.

  2. Those wooden crate shelves are enough to drool over! GREAT find, wonderful post, lovely blog! :)

  3. @ Blair& Ashley: yeah i know, aren't these the best?^^

    @onesilentwinter: thank your for visiting and thx for the sweet comment:)