Interiors: Gossip Girl

Of course there is the fashion. But there's also the Eye candy from the set of our guilty pleasure, tv show Gossip Girl.I must say I completely fell in love with the Eames chair re-upholstered in a Missoni Fabric, the one in the fictional Home Office of Lily*sigh*

“The van der Woodsen apartment is composed of clean, simple lines, shapes and rhythms. But in keeping with Upper East Side tradition, it is still very formal in its presentation and layout.”-Loren Weeks(production designer)

By Amy Gartrell
Weeks used artwork from artists tied to the Art Production Fund organization, which is a non-profit devoted to exposing new audiences to contemporary art, to decorate the house.

Lilly’s work space at the base of the stairs is an eclectic mix of refined pieces (like her Louis-style desk) and avant-garde items (faux-cowhide rug). The Eames-style lounge chair with the Missoni fabric was one of many inspired moves by set decorator, Christina Tonkin.

Aluminium Bullet Chandelier
By David Weeks studio

The main living room, the kitchen, the dining room—they all flow together, but they’re defined by columns and a change in the floor material.
.:Loving the center piece:.

When it came to decorating Serena’s bedroom, Loren Weeks wanted the space to reflect the teen’s personality. “Her room shows a confident, eclectic mix of funky new and classic vintage items,” says Weeks, who decorated with bold patterns and metallic accents. “I wanted it to express her character: effortlessly beautiful and self-assured.” He has no problem mixing metals either—the room features gold, silver and bronze accents.

The bedding is a mix of Barbara Barry and L’Erba, in the Private Sanctuary pattern.

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