Interiors: Cheery Pillows

.:Marie Claire Maison:.

.:Zara Living:.


.:Black& Spiro:.

From houseofpictures

.:Companystore quilt:.

From Apartment Therapy

Loving these flowery motifs and colorful pillows, they'd bring any drab interior to life and let's face it, you can stuff them away at your whim- No enduring painting job. Don't you just love them? Also Check out Anna's amazing "Black and Spiro" at ATB
This is it for me, I'll be back to blogging in a few weeks time, I have these nagging assignments to do for my degree project, they can't wait. Ok, take care& see you!:)


  1. These are all great! and yes, you are so right, they do bring any drab interior to life!!

  2. how great is the first room?! *swoon*

  3. Great colours of all of these interiors

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Hijiri: thanks for dropping by!!:)

    Vali: hey V, glad to see you back on the blogging scene, can't wait to see the awesome things you'll post on the new blog^^

    Stella: thanks so much Stella, have a great one you too,take care

  5. Ooh this is fabulous! Cool Interiors and decoration ideas.