Entrancing entryway

Lovely entryways to greet guests(&selves). Design it right, it will uphold your house's appeal. So much more than exterior doors: Thresholds, Walkway, Patio, Porch, Driveway, Deck, Stairs& Flora
.:Playing with the elements:.

.:London Style:.

.:Look at the rad Decal:.

.:A pinch of oriental:.

.:A mix of flavor:.

.:Design-friendly neighbours:.

.:Walking bare-feet takes on a new meaning with this refreshing entryway:.

.:Cottage living:.

.:Exotic Villa, love love love the balcony:.

.:This is the magnificent entrance to "La Rhumerie Agricole", situated at the foot of the black river range, nearby Chamarel in Mauritius:.

.:Simple splendor in white:.

.:Façon Moyen-Orient:.

.:An excellent reason to watch your step:.

.:Rainwater is put to good use here!And frankly, if you live upstairs, wouldn't you love coming home to such a sweet 'garden':.

.:A strong visual impact:.

.:A lovely pavement or a means of having some lawn without an actual lawn:.

(Sources include the exceptional AT, desiretoinspire, VogueLiving&other housetours)


  1. Oh me too - such unique examples too - love the variety of colors and textures!

  2. That decal is such a great idea. I love it!