a touch of vintage

I'd like to share some eclectic Style finds on beloved etsy, from "a touch of vintage", who has an impressive collection of vintage pieces for home and fashion.

A set of wooden snack bowls perfect for your next hanging out at home night

Swooning for this battered wooden crate

It makes me think of the fun old family stories, back to 60's, when my dad(heading the operations i believe) and the other siblings used to smuggle into the family shop- situated right in the front of the humble abode of the clan- to steal sugary treats...including drinking coca-cola, crouched under the battered wooden counters or sitting proudly on the mountains of huge rice and sugar sacs relinquishing their success and enjoying themselves. Life was sweet, simple and uncomplicated...

Gorgeous Canister Set

A black and gold octagonal tin with irises and other flowery motifs

Don't you love how this stunning piece could light up an all-white room?


  1. I love all these vintage objects expecially the octagonal tin and Coca Cola wooden crate
    Have a nice week

  2. thanks!!I've got a feeling it's going to be a looong one