An Orange Crush

From Etsy,
Scrabble Tile Pendant-Cheeto by ThePendantFactory

(via InStyle)
Fall ahead!! "Twisted Tiers"
by Ron Ben-Israel

Can't stand throw away plastic utensils and paper napkins? girlyandgreen makes this eco-friendly little set, something with a flap to keep it from spilling out into your bag. I say, you say, we say: Never plastic again.

Some Gorgeous cushion covers:
Ginseng Orchid Chocolate by rubystella

Brown Bird Branch
Spice Route by norajane

Having a Thanksgiving party?The Casbah is a cute set ready to be personalized, with invitation cards, place cards and menus. "Live. Love. Eat" By Earmark

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, you need this adorable banner, from peaseblossomstudio

And your perfect set of place card& gift tags for fall entertaining, from GotTags

And showcasing the work of Kim Westad, a ceramist, specialised in hand thrown porcelain... Her studio is in beautiful Bronx, New York...Her website:

About the designer:

"I know that my quality of life is definitely dependent upon my surroundings. It's probably true for most people, but I am certainly more comfortable and happy when I am surrounded by the people, animals and things that I love. That thought goes into each piece that I make. I work very hard to design and produce unique, quality pieces that I hope my customers will be happy to use and have in their homes. My work is very much about the process, working with each piece from inception to completion. I live with each piece throughout that process (which sometimes lasts several weeks), though I know that the work ultimately doesn't belong to me. Each Whirl, bowl, cup or vase is created with the hope that it will enhance the surroundings of its new owner"

And Look!!
Wrapped in Japanese chiyogami (old-paper) in a pattern of falling maple leaves, this box looks fabulous. Great accessory for a fireplace mantle or coffee table. These premium wooden matches also provide added safety when lighting your favorite hurricane candle or outdoor torches. Makes a wonderful and unique gift, from gamiworks

The tangy smell of a juicy orange combined with spicy cinnamon, the perfect note to complete this story. Wishing you a very happy thanksgiving and many lovely things.


  1. Beautiful cushion covers!
    In Italy we don't have thanksgiving but all these invitation cards, place cards and menus are adorable.
    I love the box wrapped in Japanese chiyogami :)
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Oh we don't do it over here too, but we should!!:)
    hope u had a nice wkend

  3. Ooooh. Loving all of your inspiration tidbits! Love Etsy!