Inspirational: Studio 13

"Studio 13" by Australian designers Street&Garden Furniture Co.

They have revamped their office, an ex-warehouse space in Brisbane. The office features perforated surfaces based on "classic computer games, cherry blossoms and dappled light". The play of light though voids create impromptu patterns day and night. Both structural and decorative elements are adorned in this way; the gates weighing 140kg each represent an enlarged Rorschach inkblot, while they swing without a sound on custom hinges.

Externally street art was commissioned to bring further life into and around the space. While internally, a balance between the white of a gallery space and the robustness of a warehouse was sought. The designers workstations defy gravity, creating both private and shared spaces to encourage collaboration and conversation.

Find out more about Designers Studio S&G (David Shaw, Surya Graf, Björn Rust)

“A great place to hang out” was the prerequisite for this ex-warehouse space in Brisbane, Australia. Considerations included where to place games tables, sound system, bar and balconies for Fridays afternoons and entertaining clients. It was to become a place creatives gravitate towards and fight to leave.

(Source: Matylda Krzykowski-Dezeen)

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