Wall graphics

Decorative Wall graphics from Elly Nelly, Valérydesignwrks and Studio 1a.m, all designers featured on Über cool site, Supermarket. Click away to find out more about the decorative wall decals and feel truly inspired for new amazing deco projects. Alert Alert: Ascertain free time on hands for the nature of the designs can subject one to awe leading to internet addiction

A word on Elly Nelly:
"We, ‘elly nelly’, are a mother & daughter team, Elaine & Nell Oliver. Both experienced textile designers with an intense interest in pattern. With our own unique creative approach to design we were inspired to set up our own studio. Our aim is to produce a creative range of designs using different mediums. Wall decals are the first of many products we hope to develop. A fusion of hand illustration & stylized modern graphics bring the ‘elly nelly’ series alive. From simple organic & nature inspired designs to delicate prints & pattern of all kinds, elly nelly hope you enjoy our designs as much as we love creating them!" Elaine lives in Cairns, Australia while Nell is based in New York, USA.

Iris wall graphic

Dreamgate Wall Art/Headboard

Studio 1a.m. challenges and often subverts tradition through the design of everyday objects, environments, and graphic concepts.
"Our process enables the continuous flow and evolution of ideas. This experimental, cross-disciplinary approach results in meaningful and unforeseen outcomes." For more information, visit us at www.studio1am.com

Game On wall graphicFancy wall graphic

Decorative wall decal || Bouquet

There are different ways to enjoy Valérydesignwrks’ illustrations. You can frame them to the wall, send them to a friend on a special occasion and even ride them on your longboard! Who knows what you will do? Browse through the items on Supermaket and for any special request, contact Valérydesignwrks at info[at]valerydesignwrks.ca and do not forget to also visit http://www.valerydesignwrks.ca for more exciting products


  1. wow! lovely designs! I've been very much obsessed with decals since a while.. there are amazing ones on flickr too! ;)

  2. yeah;) how's your DIY makeover going?

  3. erm, well the diy makeover had hit the pause button atm! not enough time, sadly :( but holidays r near, so we'll see then ;)